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Release Notes

Bumblebee version: 5.10

[BUM-401] - Adjust JUnit parser to read errors/filures not only from corresponding element text but from `message` attribute as well.

Bumblebee version: 5.9

[BUM-398] - Remove obsolete third-party jars which were not used

Bumblebee version: 5.8

[BUM-393] - Mapping validation error: "CY_SUBTYPE_ID field is required" in some ALM configurations
[BUM-392] - Automatically copy design step description and 'expected' field into run step

Bumblebee version: 5.7

[BUM-373] - Add support for Allure reports
[BUM-382] - Add support for native UFT reports
[BUM-374] - Allow to set TC\_TEST\_ORDER field in mappings
[BUM-273] - Docker image for Bumblebee Server
[BUM-378] - BUGFIX: Fix various issues during offline update    
[BUM-377] - BUGFIX: Error when DS\_STEP\_NAME and/or RN\_DURATION is required
[BUM-375] - BUGFIX: "Failed to create attachment" when attachment contains '/'

Bumblebee version: 5.6

[BUM-54] - Automatic Defect Handling feature
[BUM-368] - Cucumber reports: Add support for before step and after step elements   
[BUM-371] - BUGFIX: Incorrect handling of attachments with spaces in names
[BUM-370] - BUGFIX: Incorrect handling of non-ASCII characters in ALM response
[BUM-366] - BUGFIX: readlink -m is not supported in some Docker images \(alpine\)

Bumblebee version: 5.5

[BUM-136] - Add 500 tests/day limitation for non-enterprise users
[BUM-359] - Bumblebee annotations: Pass real execution date and time (since bumblebee-annotations-0.1.4)
[BUM-360] - Bumblebee annotations: Pass test duration time to ALM (since bumblebee-annotations-0.1.4)
[BUM-361] - BUGFIX: Serenity report parser: Screenshots for nested steps are not exported into ALM
[BUM-362] - BUGFIX: TestNG report parser: Bumblebee processes only the last 'test' element in the report
[BUM-363] - BUGFIX: Bumblebee annotations: Bumblebee stops test execution if screenshot capturing fails
[BUM-364] - BUGFIX: TestNG report parser: Bumblebee fails if report root is 'suite'

Bumblebee version: 5.4

[BUM-356] - Password encryption produces incorrect result when some special characters are used
[BUM-357] - Version does not show up when license is not valid
[BUM-358] - Bumblebee Annotations throws error when almid is set and testplan is not set

Bumblebee version: 5.3

[BUM-303] - Add support for Cucumber formats into new server (REST API based)
[BUM-306] - Update requirements in /alm (REST API based)
[BUM-348] - Add support for providing values for test-instance's fields

Bumblebee version: 5.2

[BUM-337] - BUGFIX: Fix inability to pass values for ALM required fields (e.g. TS_STATUS)
[BUM-340] - BUGFIX: Server throws error when uploading results from bumblebee-annotations when annotation is on test method level, contains almid and does not contain testplan

Bumblebee version: 5.1

[BUM-302] - New server: Add version number
[BUM-315] - Fetch results from ALM: Get step's expected and actual
[BUM-322] - Add support for JBehave XML
[BUM-323] - Fix NPE in Serenity parser when parent step does not contain result
[BUM-324] - Bumblebee Server for Linux does not work with JRE 11
[BUM-330] - Logs are not displayed under some conditions
[BUM-332] - Annotations: Attachments are not added on run level

Bumblebee version: 5.0

- Bumblebee Server was reworked to use ALM REST API instead of ALM OTA API.  
- The first release of Unix/Linux version

Bumblebee version: 4.1.9

New Features:

[BUM-242] - Add support of TLS for maintaining secure HTTP connection


[BUM-291] - Fix connectivity issues with Performance Center using proxy server
[BUM-296] - Fix test set runner issue: "Your Quality Center session has been disconnected"

Bumblebee version: 4.1.8

New Features:

[BUM-98] - Upload attachments into ALM from bumblebee-annotation package
[BUM-194] - New plugin for IBM UrbanCode Build
[BUM-204] - CI Plugins: Add "Skip connectivity diagnostic" checkbox to admin page
[BUM-206] - NUnit: Add custom test steps programmatically
[BUM-211] - Analyze LoadRunner result and fail test if there are failures
[BUM-228] - LR Analysis: Return detailed error message for failed transaction
[BUM-232] - LR Analysis: Fail build only if transaction fails
[BUM-238] - Add support for JBehave reports


[BUM-234] - Bumblebee Annotations: test methods as steps - TestNG provides incorrect order of tests for reporting
[BUM-239] - Fix various Serenity bugs
[BUM-240] - Annotations: TestNG: Skipped tests are not exported to ALM
[BUM-241] - Annotations: TestNG datadriven test and hasSteps=true produces incorrect result in ALM
[BUM-217] - OrientDB: java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Direct buffer memory
[BUM-231] - LR Analysis: NPE
[BUM-235] - CI Plugins: Global config page: password containing special symbols ",{,} cause error because query param is not encrypted

Bumblebee version: 4.1.7

[BUM-186] - Add support for Serenity reports
[BUM-196] - CI Plugins: Override user name on a particular PC task
[BUM-198] - TeamCity: Support protractor-jasmine reports
[BUM-199] - Bamboo: Support protractor-jasmine reports
[BUM-205] - Remove event tracking

Bumblebee version: 4.1.6

New Features:

[BUM-73] - Secure Bumblebee Server configuration pages
[BUM-100] - Add NuGet package to support integration with .NET and NUnit    
[BUM-153] - New UrbanCode Bumblebee plugin
[BUM-165] - Add /test_results API method for fetching test results from HP ALM
[BUM-178] - Mappings can be added for all servers/domains/projects
[BUM-180] - Improve info message on mapping save
[BUM-187] - Support protractor-jasmine reports in Jenkins plugin


[BUM-192] - HTTP error 411 on trying to restart late analyze in Performance Centers

Bumblebee version: 4.1.5

New Features:

[BUM-159] - Jenkins Plugin: Pull test results from HP ALM
[BUM-164] - Bamboo Plugin: Add retry logic in case if collate or analyze phases failed
[BUM-172] - Provide mappings to set values to test step user fields
[BUM-167] - Improve error messages in case if field mappings are not correct or not provided
[BUM-91] - Improve logging in CI Plugins


[BUM-171] - Proxy settings page does not display proxy port if it is greater than 999
[BUM-173] - Trim names and values of parameters listed in "Custom Properties" property

Bumblebee version: 4.1.4


[BUM-154] - Fix memory leak causing java.lang.OutOfMemoryError

Bumblebee version: 4.1.3

New Features:

[BUM-149] - CI Plugins: TestNG: add parameters for data driven tests into actual field in HP ALM


[BUM-143] - Jenkins: Fix bulk update logging
[BUM-146] - CI Plugins: NullPointerException occurs sometimes during uploading TestNG results
[BUM-148] - CI Plugins: Incorrect status of a test instance for data driven tests
[BUM-150] - TeamCity: UnsupportedOperationException in emulation mode

Bumblebee version: 4.1.2

New Features:

[BUM-141] - CI Plugins: Adding tests to test set step: Create HP ALM TestSet automatically if it does not exist


[BUM-142] - CI Plugins: Upload TestNG reports: Do not create tests for config methods (marked with @BeforeClass, @BeforeTest, etc... annotations)

Bumblebee version: 4.1.1

New Features:

[BUM-78] - Annotations: Add Sauce Labs support
[BUM-82] - Annotations: Add BrowserStack support
[BUM-134] - Annotations: Selenium WebDriver tests - adding screenshots for failed tests automatically
[BUM-137] - Adjust value in Actual field of a test step
[BUM-139] - CI Plugins: Add "Bumblebee: Add test to set" step for adding tests to test set in HP ALM


[BUM-138] - Run attachments have incorrect name

Bumblebee version: 4.1.0

New Features:

[BUM-79] - Annotations: Map tests to ALM requirements
[BUM-70] - Annotations: Maps test methods to test steps in HP ALM
[BUM-102] - CI Plugins: Running local UFT tests
[BUM-107] - CI Plugins: Running Performance Center tests
[BUM-92] - Show Bumblebee version on the main page
[BUM-118] - Installer: let user have empty password
[BUM-86] - VBScript shall not be overwritten if "executable" parameter is empty
[BUM-87] - Do not set VBScript for bulk update and extended update
[BUM-97] - Improve look of web pages


[BUM-71] - Bumblebee crashes sometimes when several threads update the same project
[BUM-76] - Offline queue page: incorrect sorting when documents have different types
[BUM-109] - CI Plugins: Fix test duration in JUnit report
[BUM-85] - Test in a TestPlan is updated even if it does not any changes
[BUM-94] - alm method: NPE when attachment element does not have fileName
[BUM-95] - If passed model has less steps than test in hp alm update is not triggered
[BUM-101] - Offline processing queue and offline document pages are not opened in IE because of wrong content type header
[BUM-106] - TeamCity: Global settings are not refreshed until restart of a server
[BUM-108] - Offline processing: it sometimes does not show error when error actually occurs
[BUM-111] - Offline processing page: incorrect sorting
[BUM-112] - /alm method: Do not update test instance's step 'description' and 'expected' values if preserveSteps=true

Bumblebee version: 4.0.7

New Features:

[BUM-72] - Annotations: Add offline processing parameter
[BUM-74] - Automatic handling of Fast Runs


[BUM-75] - java.lang.IllegalStateException after some time

Bumblebee version: 4.0.6


[BUM-63] - Annotations: NullPointerException if testplan is not set

Bumblebee version: 4.0.5

New Features:

[BUM-61] - Add proxy server support to bumblebee server and Jenkins Plugin


[BUM-62] - Bumblebee.exe is not compatible with some .NET framework versions

Bumblebee version: 4.0.4


[BUM-58] - Installer does not delete lib folder before installing new version

Bumblebee version: 4.0.3

New Features:

[BUM-26] - message queues for faster and reliable processing
[BUM-43] - Jenkins, Teamcity, Bamboo plugin - add build step for running tests in a testset

Bumblebee version: 4.0.2

New Features:

[BUM-27] - java annotation package for bumblebee
[BUM-52] - Bumblebee new API /alm
[BUM-53] - TestNG Support
[BUM-56] - Add support of .trx format
[BUM-57] - Add support of cucumber format
[BUM-5] - Bamboo plugin
[BUM-6] - TeamCity plugin